Hens & Chicks
Handmade Hypertufa
Garden Art  by Karen & Jeff
Frequently Asked Questions:

What is hypertufa?
Hypertufa is made by mixing cement, peat moss, perlite and water.  Pots made of hypertufa are good for plants.  The pots absorb moisture and give it back, tempering the
moisture level in the soil, which help plants grow.

How do I care for my succulent planter?
During the warm weather succulents are great for full or half day sun areas.  Water weekly in the summer.   

When the weather turns cold bring them inside and keep in a sunny or bright area. Water every other week or when quite dry.
Succulents will last for years!

What is the best location for my succulent or hens & chicks planter during the four seasons?
Both succulents and hens & chicks will live happily inside the home in a sunny window.
Both can also be enjoyed outside on your patio or in your garden during the warm weather.  

Succulents need to come inside when the weather gets colder (50 degrees).

Hens & chicks are perennials.  When the cold weather arrives you can move your planter to a sheltered area outside or bring inside and place in a sunny window.

How do I care for my tillandsia/air plants?
Air plants like bright indirect light such as an east or west window.  Give them a good soaking mist every week to 10 days.  A pinch of orchid or bromeliad fertilizer in your
mist water once a month will promote new growth and flowering.
Handmade Hypertufa
Tillandsia/Air Plants